Project Outline
The objective of this outline is to create a clear, realistic estimate for your web site. The development of a successful internet campaign for your group or enterprise is critical to the information you provide.

This project outline collects information about your project. It includes your objectives, the project scope, information about your customers and competitors, and your company culture and brand. While this tool is designed to help us understand you and your project needs, many clients have found it to be of help getting organized early on.
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The Project
What are your goals for your web site?
How will you measure success of the site?
What are your time frame and schedule requirements?
Will the web site redesign enforce existing brand, or do you need to develop a new visual identity?
How will the web site reinforce your marketing strategy?
Your Audience
Describe your audience:
What are your goals for each type of visitor?
What are the products/services offered?
What are your goals for these products/services?
Site Content
Where will it come from? Will it be new, repurposed, or both?
How often will you add new content?
Site Architecture
Do you have an idea of what your categories (main navigation) will be?
Do you plan to add topic categories to the navigation in the future?
Can you estimate how many subcategories there may be?
Site Design
Do you have current corporate standards/visual identity guidelines?
Yes No
Would you say your corporate image is: (Select all that may apply)
Young, cool
Art or entertainment-oriented
Site Functionality:
Does your site need a database?
Yes No
Would you outsource this need, or do you have someone in-house?
Outsource In-house
What interactive capabilities does your web site need? (download areas, dynamic/database driven web pages, e-commerce, catalog, applications, mailing lists, discussion groups, etc.)
Who will update these functions?
Do you plan to have an employee intranet? If so, will it share a database with your commercial site?
What is your internal platform? Please Specify (Unix, Windows, etc.)
What types of legacy/database systems are already in place?
Are there any security issues that need to be addressed?
Are there high-bandwith related applications (VRML, Audio/Video clips, etc.)?
Do you have a domain name secured? If so, what is it?
Who hosts, or will host, the website? What platform do they run? (Unix, Windows)
Who will maintain the site contents and make updates?
Your Tastes and Requirements:
Please find at least 3 sites on the web that appeal to you in terms of design, quality of content, navigation, brand, size of site, publishing model, functionality and interactivity.
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